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The company is managed by:
David Amar, President and CEO
Dr. Claus G.J. Wagner-Bartak, President & CEO, Chairman of the Advisory Board
Avi Amar, Director, Research and Marketing
Claude Amar, Director
Norbert Stocker, MBA, Director

David Amar, President and CEO
Mr. Amar has extensive management and consulting experience as a principal in several mineral exploration companies in British Columbia, Canada. Operating alongside respected Canadian mining engineers and geologists such as George Addie, P. Eng., Gord Cowie, P.Eng. and Stephen Butrenchuk, P. Geol., Mr. Amar has conducted exploration, sampling, testing and sampling programs with industry leaders such as Pearson, Hoffman & Associates, BLM Engineering and SNC Lavalin. Mr. Amar is a veteran of the international mineral and gem business and is presently a member of the U.S. Jewelry Board of Trade (JBT) and is the current President of Crown Diamonds, Gems and Minerals Ltd.

Dr. Claus G.J. Wagner-Bartak Vice-President & CEO, Chairman of the Advisory Board
Dr. Claus G. Wagner-Bartak is a highly accomplished multidisciplinary engineer, scientist and business executive. He pioneered and coordinated several innovative mega-projects like the research and development of the CanadArm, an outstanding key operational system for the NASA Space Shuttle and Space Station missions. Dr. Wagner-Bartak also developed and guided state-of-the art industrial robot developments for demanding environments, including underwater applications. Dr. Claus Wagner-Bartak has been President of the Titanium Corporation, a Canadian public mining company, during the early phases of corporate establishment, definition and securing of mining, mineral and ore assets and the financial and business structuring as a viable going concern.

Dr. Wagner-Bartak evaluated and assessed environmental aspects in the mining industry with the objective of eliminating potential damage and pollutants to the environment and applying green technologies for the mining industry. Emphasizing environmental and human operators' health considerations, Dr. Claus Wagner-Bartak has for many years evaluated, advised, and consulted on general mining operations. He has been a strong advocate for environmental and pollution controls and modernized natural treatments for illnesses and diseases.

Dr. Wagner-Bartak has financed, managed and directed research at the University of California Los Angeles and established, amongst others, state-of-the-art research laboratories for new metallurgical and diamond deposition projects.

As polymath, he is a sought-after consultant to business and governments involving frontier technologies, innovations, and business systems. During his professional career he has led multinational aerospace projects from sounding rockets to interplanetary spacecraft and space shuttle systems, developed information and measurement technology systems, and founded successful business ventures resulting also in the development of novel pharmaceutical, biotechnological, and advanced chemical products.

A recipient of the NASA Public Service Medal, the NASA Astronaut Award, the International Joseph Engelberger Award (Robotics) and the Engineering Medal of the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario, Dr. Claus Wagner-Bartak received his university education and training in sciences at Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich, Germany, at the University of Vienna, Austria, and in Business Administration and Engineering Management at Technical University, Munich, Germany. He has served on the board of directors for a number of publicly listed companies.

Avi Amar, Director of Research & Marketing
Mr. Amar is the company's director of research and marketing. Avi Amar has a Business Management background from York University, and is a former member of the Toronto Olympic Committee. Mr. Amar also works as a prospector.

Norbert Stocker, MBA, Director
Mr. Stocker is an international financial and business executive. He is currently the Senior Vice President of Financial Pacific, one of the largest independent bond underwriters in Latin America. Mr. Stocker's experience also includes several high ranking positions in wealth management, investment advisory firms and investment banking companies. He has specialized in traditional investments and also has expertise with derivatives, securities and forex markets, both as a trader and money manager.

Mr. Stocker has worked as a senior executive with a wide range of companies including Swiss Bank Corp., where he served as Assistant Vice President, Head of Precious Metals in Canada and later held the same position for Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean region. He has also worked at Ferrier Lullin & Cie SA (now Bank Julius Baer) in Geneva as VP of Special Projects and at Amirali Management Ltd. located in Dubai and the Bahamas, where he was co-founder and Wealth Management Advisor.

Mr. Stocker's skills and experience will allow Fortune Graphite greater access to strategic partners and investors as well as provide world-class counsel regarding future financial transactions.